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The information presented by Desnudo is intended for informational purposes only. All the material on the website is served with comprehension and transparency. However, we do not make any promises on the warranty, whether implied or express. We intent to be clear on our content regarding the validity, accuracy, availability, adequacy, reliability, and the completeness of all the information displayed on this site.

We are not liable for any falsity or misconception in the products delivered that are made by the brand itself. We are only the middle man/retailor. For instance, if a customer buys a skincare product from us and that leads to an allergic reaction, the manufacturer (brand) of the product shall be questioned.

External Links Disclaimer for Website

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It is important for you to know that any information displayed on our website could be subject to ambiguities. Hence, before acting upon such information, we request for you to consult with a professional entity who could offer you expert advice on whether or not you should use our products. We do not serve any kind of medical/health/legal/other] advice. The access or use of our information present on Desnudo’s website is at your own risk only.

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